The World’s Most Influential Person- Juanita Wolfe

Juanita Wolfe

Juanita May Wolfe has been one of the most influential people in the world. Why? She has had such a profound influence on the lives of so many people. To me, the youngest of her birth children, you think you might see the usual burn out for raising kids and spoiling the youngest. However, there were no spoiled kids in the Wolfe family. Juanita and her husband Robert raised their children with passion for the things they did.

Juanita had a passion for music so she encouraged her kids to be in orchestra, jazz bands, marching bands, and church orchestras. Her passion for people had her children very well exposed to people. The Wolfe kids had friends not only in Oregon and Washington, but around the world. Juanita’s love for people translated into giving the family three additional sisters from Korea. Adoption is no easy task, but the love that gave a full life to three girls that may never may have had a good chance to live well is love display in abundance.

Juanita raised strawberries and tomatoes each year to sell in town to the restaurants. The proceeds to those were used to buy corrective shoes and other things for her children.

Juanita’s marriage to Bob started very young as a couple thrust into marriage with a young daughter. Despite the early start, a neighbor (John West) encouraged the couple to get their kids to church. That is where Juanita and Bob met Jesus Christ and encouraged their children to have a true faith of their own.

Juanita Wolfe is one of the most influential people in the world. It was not because she encouraged her children in music, taking care of animals, learning the value of hard work and money, to be competitive in sports, to embrace different races and cultures, help the orphans, taught her children the joy of life, visit foreign countries, meet new people, sent her kids to enjoy summer church camps, or anything else.

The reason Juanita has been the world’s most influential people on me, as her love, passion for life, and personal relationship with Jesus Christ brought her children a chance to have eternal life for those who have received it and pursue God. Juanita’s departure from her body is not the end, it is the beginning of life forever. We who remain say farewell, but really should say “we’ll see you shortly”. We won’t waste our lives or time on this earth with the noise of life but continue to focus sharing the joy of the Lord with others and encouraging them to really know God just like you for you. Mother, see you soon!