Winning Business

Working in one of the largest cities of the world we find all sorts of companies. And as you would probably guess, companies are made up of many types of people. Growing up in the US and living in Japan, I have found that many people are self-centric. They focus on feeding, taking care of, and satisfying themselves. To live in this challenging world that is very important. However, focusing on ourselves can go to the extreme.

I have seen so many people just trying to make a quick buck (or yen in this case). The idea of buy low, sell high is taken to the extreme. It becomes more like sell high and try to deliver as little as possible without the customer realizing. I wonder what those folks are thinking.

It is clear in life that there is a law a way that things always work out. That law reminds me of farming; the law of planting (seeds) and harvesting. The things (or seeds) that you plant in life grow up into a plant or a harvest. Very simply put, if you plant flower seeds you get flowers. If you plant weeds, you are going to get weeds. As they say, what goes around comes around.

With this in mind, I cannot imagine why someone would try to over-charge and/or under-deliver anything. Moreover, why would you sell something that you would not even purchase yourself. It is like planting thorn bushes in your sidewalk in front of your house that you know you are going to have to walk through when they grow up. All Business should be win-win. When a company promised to deliver a product or service, it should be delivered.

The law of seeds and harvest is something that we should all think about as go about both our business, both professionally and personally. It you trying to buy a house to remodel and sell; don’t grill the seller so much on the price that he doesn’t want to deal with you again. There is a high chance that you will see the person again. It is important to empathize with the person on the other side of the negotiating table. See their position and work to make the deal a win-win for both sides.

This does not mean that you have to pay a premium for everything. Obviously, it is okay to confirm what you are buying is worth the price. Just remember business is not just about buying and selling. There are various levels of products and services. Just remember that whatever comes around goes around. If you have someone working for you (or with you) and they are doing a good job then reward them. Honor others and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how honor comes back to you.

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The World Needs More BQF People!

There is so much excitement in the world these days it is becoming harder and harder to be a kid. We got wars, famine, abuse, many negative events and forces affecting the world we live in. Whether it is a country or a company, all groups come down to the people that make them up.

If people knew more about others, it would be much easier for dealings between the various groups in the world. Whatever the group is, it is important to set standards. If people know what the standard is, then we can judge whether or not our coworkers or fellow countrymen are keeping those standards.

In November 2005, we were thinking of some way to describe the standard mode of operations for people at AINEO. We were able to come up with three words that summarize who we are and what we do. We are bright, quick, and flexible. In other words, we are BQF.

Bright, in the fact that we are smart, and able to bring great solutions to the table for virtually any issue. But also bright in the way we deal with others as we are happy, hard-working, and ready to jump in as needed. In a couple word radiant and smart. These are the type of people I like working with. How about you?

Quick, in that we are responsive, speedy, and efficient. We are not afraid to get our hands wet and get the job done. It is so easy to keep talking about the job, the details of the job, and what you are thinking to do. Why not just do it? The big difference between a successful sales person and a not so successful sales person is execution. Quickly executing is one key to success.

Flexibility is probably the most needed trait in both the business world and the international community. If we have a task to build a datacenter, you have to build the datacenter. If a government restriction doesn’t allow you use a certain material, then be open-minded enough to find a different material. Part of the reason we started Aineo is because we so many engineering companies that were so inflexible. When the customer would ask them if they could do this or that with a certain system, the engineer’s response was almost always the same. “Oh, that will be expensive to implement”, or “the system can’t do that”. The AINEO response is always, “well, we can’t implement that exactly like that but here are a couple of other ideas… What do you think?”

Being BQF is a must for being a part of AINEO of this special team. When we interview people who want to join AINEO, deal with others, but most importantly deal with our customers we always keep BQF as our standard.

I could have never imagined how three words could mean so much to our team. We have got the best team that we have ever had at AINEO and it is growing. We are coming up on our 10th year. This 9th year has been our best year ever all around.

Now I hope that brightness, quickness, and flexibility will not only be a standard for our company and customers but something that will affect people that we deal with. Wouldn’t it be great to see people bright, quick, and flexible in dealing with each other? The world would be a better place.

Welcome to Spencer!

Thank you for stopping by the website. I have been amazed at the number of people over the last 90 days who have said they’ve done a search on myself or our firm AINEO.

We’ve decided to put up a website to help give people balanced feedback on technology, politics, and other issues that affect the normal everyday person.

Looking forward to getting to know you!

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