Delta Airlines Flies Last 747 Routes- Jet Is Retired

Delta (previously Northwest Airlines to most of us) has just sent off it last 747 flight.  The flight goes from HNL to LAX and ends in Detroit.

Been on a lot of Boeing 747s over our lives.  We’re thankful for this large jet that help make the world a bit smaller.  Transportation and technology are making the world a smaller place.  We don’t build jets but we certainly have the technology that can help you get your job done and take better care of your clients.  Very excited about our cloud phone service iPBX    Our technology helps people better communicate.

We’re glad you were built but with your massive size and age has shown.  The last few times have been a bit noisy and shaky. After taking a 787 it’s hard to go back.  But now, we don’t have to.  😉

Farewell to the 747!

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  1. It seems Delta is in the process of retiring other routes still. The last flight isn’t until later this year. Delta did retire one plane today N662US.

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