Apple Watch- Nice Tool, But Slow Out Of The Gates

The Apple Watch (iWatch?) is great for tracking your activities and setting timers/alarms. As a watch, you can’t see the time unless you raise your arm or tap the face. The Pebble watch was better in that aspect because the display was always on. Now Fitbit, Garmin and most the other makers are always displaying, just not as pretty as the “iWatch”.

There is one thing you should never do, never turn it off. It happened with the different watches we tested. 

One morning after jumping on the running machine at the gym we realized the device was shut off. Turned it on while running. It took 5+ minutes into the work out to boot up. (Wow!  It must be running Windows 3.1.) It’s okay if you don’t mind staring at the Apple computer logo, but if you want to get the time or track your work out, you’ll miss that. 

Mentioned the good features above; what are your favorite features of the Apple Watch?

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