7 Ways To Impress Your Boss

In this world of so many types of business, we see a lot of people moving from job to job. A large percentage of the people changing jobs are the ones who cannot do the job they are leaving. Last year, I remember a president of a large Canadian technology firm saying how appreciative he was that his American competition hired two slackers (employees) that had been in his organization.

Clearly, there are some good folks to hire out there. However, the chances of recruiting ineffective and/or trouble-making employees is a high probability. You never know what you are going to get, especially since you cannot reference the current employer for performance feedback.
If you are working for someone, as most of us are. The true way to success is to be consistent. Consistency is the key to success. If you want to be successful in business you need have to be doing the right things every day. One of the first things you can do is get along with your boss. Learn how to impress him or her so that they know they can trust you. Let us give some suggestions on how to do just that.

1) Demonstrate that you are honorable.
Honor is doing the right thing when no one is looking. There is a saying, ‘when the cat is away the mice play’. There are many offices out there that when the boss is in everyone looks so busy and works so hard. When the boss is out, people start slacking off. Show that you honor the boss’ investment in yourself.

2) If you are asked to do something, do it.
If you don’t agree, a good boss will have an open ear and mind to suggestions. However, keep in mind that in most cases the boss was entrusted with management responsibility because they are competent. Too much questioning is a good way to hurt your standing with the boss.

3) Give the job 110% effort.
So many times we do our jobs halfway and send our resumes out there hoping for another job opportunity with pop up. Managers are not stupid. If they are any good, they are connected to the market and know a lot of people. Before you could imagine, they will know when someone starts putting out that resume (CV) and stop entrusting you with any new things. Work hard. But also, don’t forget to work smart.

4) Be sincere.
Good bosses are always founded on experience. A good technical service manager is good because they know both technology and how to deal with people. If one of their staff is having trouble, there is no doubt they will read that from customer results, other player feedback, or judging other factors that they have been dealing with in the business for years. If you have issues that you are not sure how to deal with, be sincere with your boss. They will respect you for it.

5) Always respect the time of others.
When you are supposed to be at meeting, always be at the site, at least 5 minutes before commencement. Always be to work on time. It is wrong for one person to be habitually late to a 9AM office start when everyone else is there drinking coffee 15 minutes before.

6) Be positive and proactive.
“Oh, that customer is this, that supplier is that. Why do you want me to do that? The boss is not a good such and such. I don’t want to learn about that.” No one likes to be around pessimists. The world is full of critics and no office needs negative voices. You were hired to do a job. No matter what happens, see ‘trouble’ as challenges. See ‘change’s as opportunities. As things happen throughout the week, be always open-minded. Bring ideas not dark words to a situation. If you help your boss resolve issues (especially ones that he has no exact experience or time to handle), you will prove your contribution to the team. Positive people are winners. Everyone loves to be around winners, not losers and quitters.

7) Be a good communicator.
It sounds amazing, but wars can be started by not communicating well with others. Good communicators are lacking in pretty much every company.
– People show up to do work and can be frustrated by sales people who haven’t told them the whole story about the site.
– Someone goes on vacation and neglects to give their manager or coworker information on what the consumer wanted from the shop. Both coworker and consumer get frustrated when the consumer comes back into the store.
– The logistics person ignores the email and sends the site foreman the wrong building materials in spite of the request. The customer care representative receives no new product information for something that was hit the retailers’ shelves a few days ago.
At AINEO, in our new player indoctrination (employee orientations) we always teach our incoming new team members to ‘set expectations’. If you are asked to do something, let people know when you anticipate you will be done. Think ahead. If you can’t do something, let the boss know and get some additional help.

In Closing
These seven steps are the most important ways to impress your boss. We’ve found if you can work well with people at the office, chances are you are going to be getting along well with people at home as well. Most divorces are caused by financial worries but more often than not, miscommunication. If you make an effort to apply these words of wisdom to your corporate life, you will find that these good things will spill over into your personal live as well. Life will be so much easier because you will be easier to work with, and even easier to live with.


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