A New US President- What Can We Expect As Business People And Families?

Politicians are very famous for being.. well.. politicians.  It discouraging to be in a country led by weak leadership because that leadership will eventually effect the nation.  That will affect the businesses and the economy of those nations.  The end result is economic prosperity for we the people.  A corrupt nation is likely corrupt due to it’s national leadership.  The root is there.

We know what that last eight plus years brought America, what promises were kept and  what promises were broken.  It would seem like mostly failure despite efforts to package it differently. Unfortunately, if you watched American politics during the period it was mostly division and distraction.  We can do so much better than that.

Who knows about the next four years, could it be any worse than the last few years?  Who knows? The above video is someone’s observation of what Americans might expect from the new US President.  Do you think these really are the top 25 issues?

We have high hopes for America and despite any leadership, pray that the people will see what they are doing today, affects what they can do tomorrow.

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