AINEO Secure Hosting

AINEO has just reached our 1st year anniversary into our business as a Service Provider.  We have full-fledged clustered hosting on real servers with real firepower.

I can’t say it has been easy, as it is a lot of work to help people have the best email and communications and protect from all the various attacks of spam, viruses, while keeping the systems in top shape.  Sometimes we feel like dairy farmer… we always have to be at the farm to make sure the cows are milked…

Over the last year, we have made major changes and built up our systems and datacenters.  Special thanks to our great team who has really developed and become some of the world’s top server guys!

In 2009, we’ll have a more detailed DR (disaster recovery) plan in place and practiced.  We’ve got a few others plans, stay tuned…

AINEO Secure has really evolved and grown into one of the best services available.  We will be making more announcements shortly.

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