Brompton Bicycle – Tokyo Fans

It’s official, we’re fans of the Brompton Bicycle.  For those living in a mega-metropolis like Tokyo, New York, London… maybe even Stockholm, Berlin, Paris, Seoul, Singapore or Sydney for that matter (to name a few great cities).  The Brompton has some great sales points

  • Excellent build
  • Easy to carry into trains, buses, planes, hotels, restaurants… anywhere
  • Very fast with 6 speeds
  • Clip on block for carrying bags
  • Carry folded bike into your work place and store under your desk (hard to do that with a Yamaha)
  • Zero emissions!

We discovered the bike with one of our partner clients.  Love our mountain and touring bicycles, but it’s hard to take them on a business trip.  A bit of research shows there are many choices at there, but despite their competition trying to mimic their designs, the Brompton is definitely the best way to get around.

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