From Dropbox, To SugarSync, To LogoDropbox did a great job opening up the cloud storage market.  They are definitely the fastest.  For a change, we tried to use Sugarsync as Dropbox is expensive if you pay.  Last Fall, Sugarsync went from a free service to a paid service.  We paid, as we think it is good to support what is important to you.After nearly seven months of putting up with various issues on Sugarsync, we gave up.  Why?

  • Files we saved on one home computer weren’t synched on the other computer.
  • Sugar gave us some files that were missing the contents that we had edited on another machine as well as some duplicates
  • Sugarsync doesn’t refund your remaining months, if you decide to leave the service.  One year is one year.

After looking at various services such as, again, Skydrive/Onedrive, and others we found Barracuda Networks new service called  Although not as speedy as Dropbox, it looks like they are really trying to kick things off well.  Here’s a few interesting points.

  • Free accounts start at 15GB, Introduce a friend and both of you get 5GB additional
  • Each time you introduce someone you get 5GB.  It seems there is no limit but guessing the campaign will end once the service becomes popular.
  • SSL and security seems solid
  • Paid plans have very generous disc space
  • For a SME, small to medium enterprise, 5 of you can work for free on a generous sized share
  • It’s not Google drive, Microsoft, or some other major service (yet) that is so targeted by the US government.

So far, liking the service for personal use.  Don’t use for business, but it seems Barracuda has their marketing together on this and is serious about being a competitor for cloud storage.

Hope this information was helpful and will prove useful for you as well.  More information on it here.

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