IT work In Japan.. Amazing!

Special thanks to our partners! 2009 was amazing.

In 2009 we saw the continued decline of the market. The US government continued to mess up their currency and the dollar has tanked. That hurts for those with savings in USD (c’mon guys, remember the strength of the republic is small government and little involvement in our lives) . More importantly it makes it difficult for American companies with USD-based capital to do as much.

I am sitting here on one of the last days of the office for 2009 and looking at the performance of AINEO. We have had a great year. As one of our sales team told a partner on a recent phone call, “They keep talking about the ‘financial downturn’, but I have not experienced any downturn this year. It has been a great year”.

Technically, we should have seen a downturn as everyone around us seems to have. The number of recruiters decreased. For recruiters, we saw Hudson close their Tokyo office, Access Technology shut down, and Ingenium sell themselves to an IT company. Countless other small recruiters just closed up. The big boys like Robert Walters and Robert Half also had to weather the storm.

In 2009 it wasn’t just recruiters, manufacturers were getting fewer orders, advertising companies lost deals to the crunch, and even the Japanese SME’s were holding off on ordering new equipment. It has been a tough year.

Despite all this, AINEO has had a great year. The reason we had a good year is due to our great partners. If you work with AINEO, I am convinced your business is going to prosper. I think there are two reasons why AINEO is such a great team of professionals.

1) People like AINEO Networks because we do what we say and we are transparent.

2) Working with AINEO brings corporate rewards and our partners expand their businesses.

Special thanks to everyone who has partnered with AINEO in 2009! We will do everything we can to make sure your business can grow.

We are looking forward being a strategic part of your business expansion in 2010!

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