Politicians With A Heart

I really don’t know this gentleman, but from what I can see I am impressed. It is nice to see an American Senator who is willing to buck the system and serve the US government with his heart.

Senator John W. Warnet

It seems that John Warner will be retiring. Although, he doesn’t seem to have the smoothest personal life, from articles commenting about his retirement it seems that he is a man who was not forced to stick to party decisions. He is known for looking at each issue and really try to represent the people of his districts/state.

With all the lobbyists, peer pressure from the parties, and other pressures associated with leadership of a country (usually gold, gals, and glory are the issues) I am sure it is really hard for senators, representatives, judges, and the executive branch to represent the people who voted them into office. The idea of going off your own heart is great. I hope all the US government civil servants will take note.

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