Rules With Reason? Cycling Helmets in Japan

The response to the new helmet ‘law’ has been very entertaining. If you’re doing any amount of speed on a bike, you would be wise to wear a helmet. Head injuries can be the end of all things if you crash.

However, everyone is talking about how the locals in Japan are not complying with the new law (started April 1st, 2023) by our fearless politicians in Kasumigaseki (Tokyo). Yet people are still giving in to the peer pressure to wear meaningless masks outdoors, on trains, and even around people they don’t know. (Most the time, the most diligent ‘maskers’ were the first ones that got sick during WuFlu).

As cyclist, wearing a helmet is really a must. However, making it a law seems pretty nonsensical. Why? If you’re riding a short distance at a slow speed, you are probably not going to have an issue unless… you’re 150 years old and fall off your bike.

Japan is famous for keeping rules, even if they have meaning. People challenge themselves to think about the “what if” situations better. Conversely, we don’t need politicians trying to dictate common sense… well, maybe until they have some themselves and they are all limited to 6-8 years in office max. 😉 Overall, it’s best to focus on RULES WITH REASON.

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