Watch Out For Watchguard!

We installed a Watchguard firewall (Firebox) at our Tokyo offices some time back.  We were very happy with Watchguards speed of configuration and purchased a maintenance agreement with the box.  We decided not to renew the maintenance agreement, and started to have considerable trouble with the system.  Dropped connections to the internet were the main problems.  We had installed the exact same hardware at a customer site.  Most of our customers really become good friends as we work closely with them to make sure their technology enhanced their business opportunities.

However, the Watchguard box did the same things that our out-of-service agreement box had done.  We took a third box that was out of the extended and discovered the same trouble.  The AINEO SE conclusion was that Watchguard had built a ‘Sony Switch’ type of ‘feature’ into their system that rendered the system inconsistent once you stopped paying maintenance contracts.

We replaced both boxes with another firewall and haven’t had a problem since.  It is coming on two years since we have had these issues, but I would hate to see someone else experience the same troubles as it is embarrassing to recommend something only to see it cost your company and your friend’s time and money.  I hope they have fixed this by now but I would not risk it again.  Our conclusion, watch out for Watchguard!Â

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