Your Employees Suffering From ‘Work From Home’ Burn Out

If your players are suffering from ‘work from home’ burn out, you may lose them. We’ve got six more people to hire this quarter so we’re carefully considering potential team mates. There is a common theme that seems to come up with both locals and internationally born people. People want to get back to the office.

Our services (biggest one is called CIRCLE) allow people to work from home or anywhere, so we know ‘work from home’ better than most. But our team actually likes to work together. We worked from home for two months in 2020 like everyone else in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, but people started going back to the office because they liked to be able to focus on getting things done.

In May 2020, we decided we would all head back to the office. We have been here ever since.

The common theme we are getting from potential team mates is, they don’t like working from home all the time. They miss the social side of team work. Again, today the potential team mate we met said the same thing. He is burned out from working at home.

We work from home when we can’t get to the office, or there is some type of natural disaster. When it makes sense.

Some are trumpeting their company ‘work from home’ plans. For many, this will hit businesses hard. On the positive side, we believe this is a great chance for us to find more bright, quick, and flexible people. We are a healthy smoke-free environment, and we work together in our cool offices with healthy interactions every day.

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