All Profits To Charity? Cool Concept Conpany

Newman’s Own

It is fascinating to see this concept for the company named for Paul Newman, the famous American actor.  Newman’s Own brand is a company that makes what appears to be good quality products.  In the past, we’ve seen mostly salad dressing but on a recent visit to a small super market you can see that they are making a lot of different products now.  Just buying the product, you may not notice, but with a closer look you see that Newman’s Own Company broadcasts on their packaging “All Profits To Charity”.

It’s a noble cause to give all your profits to charity.  The company seems to focus on creating products of higher value and have a good line up so they must be growing.  It seems these days so many company’s are focused on producing mass market junk food.  The pictured Black Licorice was purchased in an organic supermarket and is probably filled with a lot of sugar, organic no doubt. However, having a company that sends all the money, after they’ve paid salaries, expenses, and production costs, outside is amazing.  This will be an interesting corporate concept to watch.  Also will be interesting to research what charities they give to.  Doing things for others is what makes the world a better place!


Newmans Own Charity

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