Despite The Current American President’s Toilet Declarations, There Is No Tokyo Toilet Confusion

IMG_8262Found out the other day, that in America if you are a man who ‘identifies as a woman’ the current US president has declared to his nation that they can use the women’s room.  Apparently, it works for women that identify as men as well.  Completely missed this.

Thought I missed something big none of our Tokyo team has been following it either.

We welcome everyone so in our smaller Tokyo office, I told our team this AM, if they were a male or female who identifies as the opposite sex, they are welcome to use the toilet.

It was actually quite an easy decision, this particular office only has one toilet.  😉

The conclusion, there is no toilet confusion in Tokyo.




PS. Up until two years back, we were mostly gents doing tech engineering.  Now, we’re very happy to have a good number of very capable ladies. We’re planning on moving offices later this year. The ladies want separate toilets and we desperately need more space.


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