Tokyo Entrepreneur Lunch Meeting Set For May

20130225-172441.jpgNothing like a Spring day in Japan. Great to be alive in the thriving metropolis of Tokyo. There are so many great people and innovators, it’s energizing to be a part of the community.

For 6 months, I have suggested to various c-levels that we should bring people together who have actually founded companies in Asia. Running your own business means being head down and super busy all the time. Sometimes we need to get away from the micro-detail and reassess what we are doing. Sharing ideas, experiences and insights with other entrepreneurs helps to stimulate our thinking about how to work on our businesses and not just in our businesses. Many entrepreneurs have liked the idea and said, “Let me know when we do the meeting, I want to be there”. Well, we’re going to do a Tokyo Entrepreneur Meeting in May.

If you are experienced entrepreneur who is based in Asia (ideally Japan), and run a influential business, this is your chance. We are going to get together and talk about running business in Japan over a lunch.  I will prepare the agenda, but please be prepared to talk as this is not a chamber of commerce, this will be an interactive meeting.

Date– 24 May (Tues)
Time– 1230PM – 1400PM
Venue Roppongi Hills Club
Cost 2,500 to 3,500 yen (depending on the lunch set)

If you would like to come, we need to confirm your place as space is limited.  Please drop us a line here as we are going to easily fill the room.

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