The Best Way To Kill New Business- Online Scheduling

If you’re in sales and keen to turn off your potential customers from listening, there’s a way. You can turn off those possible new clients lickety-split. How? Send them a link to your online scheduling service.

We get it. The technical and expediency of using these services seems great. However, telling a customer to look at your schedule is ignorance before daylight. Don’t do it! As business professionals will take you telling them to do something as pompous or condescending.

If you’re trying to sell something and want someone’s time, it’s best to-

  • suggest a couple dates with
  • maybe an afternoon and a morning slot.

They’re sharing their precious time with you so show them that you are willing to make an effort to find time that works for them, not just you. Otherwise, your emails or chats will likely end up at the bottom of their mailbox chat.

Happy selling!