Spring In Japan

Cherry Blossoms Along The Canal

The opening of Spring is marked in Japan by the blooming of the cherry blossoms (Sakura). Japanese love the Sakura or what is known as ‘hanami’. Hanami is cherry blossom viewing. Usually when the cherry blossoms bloom it is just between winter and spring. The Japanese usually pack up ‘bento’ (box lunches) and gather under the Sakura to eat, drink (some to great excess), and chat. The weather is usually a bit cold still in the Kanto plain (Tokyo area) so people usually need to bundle up a bit. Other folks go out for a walk with their husband or wife and children, while older folks also enjoy walking along the rivers lined with Sakura trees.

It is truly a beautiful season as we see the blossoms spring to life we know that the trees are coming out of the winter time. With the blooming also comes other kinds of life… insects, flowers, myriads of other trees, and plant life. It is truly a beautiful time in Japan when people begin to come out of their houses and do things outdoors again.

With 2007, AINEO Networks is celebrating our 10th year in technology. We could not be doing this without our great customers. The airlines, telcos, banks, food companies, web search companies, cellular phone makers, recruiters, insurance companies, software manufacturers, IP companies, law firms, hardware manufacturers, consumer products and so many other companies that rely on us for bright, quick, and flexible know-how and support. We thank them for their business. We have seen a interesting thing in these past 10 years. The companies that use AINEO are all doing very well in their business. We believe this is because the AINEO team knows and promotes their products as well.

With Spring, we are reminded of the growth AINEO is seeing this year. In 2007, AINEO

1) Has transformed from a pure engineering firm, to a consulting firm

2) Has honed our skills and has the best team of engineers, consultants, account managers, and customer service reps (CSRs) that we have ever had.

3) Is moving into new Tokyo offices that will equal the size of our Saitama facility.

We are excited about the great things that are coming!

Sakura At University Of Washington In Seattle

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