When Is Best To Outsource?

In Japan, it seems like many businesses are outsourcing their work.  They make the sale but all the delivery is outsourced to other companies.

A friend is currently building a house in Tokyo.  He selected a company called Tokyu Home to do the work.  The company seems to be a great company.  Once the work began on the house, there wasn’t a Tokyu employee to be seen.  The foundation was demolition of the existing house was done by one company, the foundation installed by another, the electricity by another company and so forth.  This type of outsourcing, which really is subcontracting, seems to be very common.

Within every corporation, there are many departments.  One department that is common to all is IT.  Check out whether or not it makes sense to have your own IT department, or get professionals to help in this area at the AINEO website.

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